- one lonesome software engineer's trek into the darkness

So just what have I got myself into ?

The goal here is to design an IC that has a simple SPI-slave interface to the rest of the world, and a SHA-3 encryption engine (Keccak) internal to the chip. You'll be able to feed it bytes of data into a (small) FIFO over SPI, tell it to 'go', and have the chip produce a cryptographic hash of the input data. There's nothing world-shattering here - let's leave those expectations at the threshold. Adages about not trying to run before you can walk come to mind, and I think this is plenty adventurous for a first trip into the unknown. I'll be targeting a 180nm technology, for which there are publicly available standard cell definitions.

The steps necessary will be:

  • Investigate and make ready for use the software that we're going to need in order to actually go from an FPGA HDL (verilog by choice) to an ASIC mask description.
  • Investigate and ensure that it's even possible for an individual to submit to MOSIS or a similar MPW "shuttle" service vendor. I don't mind setting up a company to do it, but it'd be less hassle to do it just as me.
  • Write the HDL source code, simulate it, and verify it works on an FPGA
  • Learn the tools and technologies that we'll be using in order to produce the ASIC mask
  • Actually use the tools and make the mask

That last one seems rather a short definition of a rather large problem…