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There was the occasional bug fixed in the code, but the main differences were to make it 64-bit clean, and to fix all the warnings and errors that clang spewed out when trying to compile the original. The patches include but are not limited to:

  • Use function prototypes and declare missing function parameters
  • Correct return values from functions
  • Wrap if(assign) into if ((assign)) to prevent compiler warnings. At least a couple of these were bugs
  • Remove unused variables and functions
  • Initialise variables that might otherwise be used without initial values
  • Fix the number of arguments in printf() statements
  • Create header files for exported functions
  • Make the lex/yacc -derived parsers work under OSX
  • Add #include statements so that functions are declared before use
  • Coerce types before passing to system library functions so that they match the correct conventions
  • Re-type functions that take floats to take doubles, since K&R does an auto-promote of a float to a double
  • Coerce 64-bit ints into 32-bit ones for output purposes (we use 64-bit values to prevent problems with the hashtable pointer sizes being different from the integer size. We don’t need the extra 32 bits)
  • Deal with incoming integer values (sscanf, fscanf) properly by importing into a 32-bit int and then setting the 64-bit value

Anyway, the code with all these fixes is now available at github